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Depression Panel Answers Questions on WEIU TVs “Being Well”

January 5, 2016 9:57 a.m.

Everyone feels sad or “blue” from time to time, but for some these helpless feelings won’t go away. Depression is a real illness that gets in the way of life and relationships. It interferes with a person’s ability to function and live life normally.

Depression not only makes people feel sad, it affects the entire body. People with serious depression do not all have the same symptoms, but they may include sadness, guilt, irritability, trouble concentrating or making decisions, loss of energy, loss of interest in pleasurable activities, sleep changes, appetite changes and suicidal thoughts.

To generate greater awareness and answer questions about depression, Sarah Bush Lincoln Licensed Clinical Social Workers Jennifer Ogle and Richard McDade will be featured on WEIU-TV’s “Being Well” at 7 pm Tuesday, January 19. This hour-long live broadcast will give people the opportunity to call or email questions about depression, and have them answered on the air.

Treatment for depression often involves talk therapy and may also require medication. Treatment outcome studies find that a combination of the two works best for major depression. If you have some of these classic symptoms of depression and the symptoms are severe and have lasted longer than a few weeks, you should seek help. The best place to start is with your doctor.

The National Institute of Mental Health estimates depression affects roughly 17 million Americans a year. In many cases, depression that could be successfully treated goes undiagnosed and untreated because symptoms of depression are ignored.

Depression is not a sign of weakness or a reason for shame — it is a serious illness. The positive news is that even in serious cases of clinical depression, treatment is usually very successful. And the earlier treatment is started, the more successful it is. So don’t wait.

To submit a question to be answered on the “Being Well” broadcast, please call 877-727-9348 or email [email protected] either in advance or during the show.


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