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New MRI Available at SBL Bonutti Clinic

November 21, 2018 10:45 a.m.

The latest in diagnostic imaging technology is available at the SBL Bonutti Clinic.

The GE Signa Voyager MRI produces extraordinarily clear images for the most accurate diagnoses, and offers exceptional patient comfort with a wider aperture that is less confining.

Sarah Bush Lincoln Diagnostic Imaging Director Stacia Goings said, “We’re really excited to offer the best in MRI technology to people in the region. This is 1.5 Tesla wide bore so it is not as confining as some MRI units, but still produces excellent images for accurate diagnoses. The wider ‘donut’ makes it more comfortable for our patients and they may select their own music to enjoy during the exam.”

Goings explained that this MRI unit produces excellent images for neurological, full body and musculoskeletal diagnoses. It is available for use by any medical provider in the region who wishes to refer their patients to the SBL Bonutti Clinic for an exam.

People may speak with their medical provider about the need for an MRI exam and about having it done at the SBL Bonutti Clinic.

Medical offices may make an appointment for their patients by calling Sarah Bush Lincoln Central Scheduling at 1-800-639-5929.



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