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Nancy Bollenbaugh Receives First Quarter President's Award

July 16, 2019 10:21 a.m.

  • Jerry Esker & Nancy Bollenbaugh

Congratulations to Nancy Bollenbaugh, RN, Lincolnland Home Care for receiving the first quarter Bravo! President's Award. SBL President & CEO Jerry Esker presented the award.

Nancy went to a home to admit an 86-year-old female who had been discharged from the hospital and was referred to receive Lincolnland Home Health services. The patient lives at home with her 89-year-old husband and has two children who live out of the area. They take care of each other. Nancy arrived at the patient’s home the day after she was discharged to find her in a recliner, which she had been in since she arrived home, sitting in soiled clothes. Nancy knew that this patient was not in any condition to remain at home and take care of herself nor could her husband. 

Nancy did not admit this patient to home health, however she did stay at the patient’s home and bathed her and cleaned up the area that she had been sitting in for the past day. She then spoke to the husband about caring for his wife and offered to help him find placement for her at a long-term care facility. She made several calls and worked with the children to inform them of the conditions at home and that the person could not remain at home without 24-hour assistance. 

Due to insurance, she could not be placed immediately, so Nancy returned the next day to again bathe the woman and continue with working on getting placement for her. She was finally able to get her placed in a long-term care facility where she can get the 24-hour care that she needs. Nancy spent two days taking care of this couple who was never admitted into Lincolnland Home Care services. She took the time and had their very best interests at heart! Incredible work, Nancy! Thank you for living the SBL Values and Standards.


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