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Samantha Pearcy Receives Annual SBL Bravo! President’s Award

May 25, 2023 2:39 p.m.

  • SBL Bravo! President's Award, Samantha Pearcy, SBL Lab

    Samantha Pearcy is pictured with a bouquet she received along with her Bravo! President’s Award.

Samantha Pearcy, a senior lab assistant in the Sarah Bush Lincoln Laboratory, recently received the annual SBL Bravo! President’s Award.

She was nominated for providing excellent care to a patient who felt ill during a blood draw. Her nomination reads: “A patient who was having her blood drawn passed out during the experience before the blood could be drawn. The patient’s phlebotomist was a little uncertain as to how to proceed and asked Samantha Pearcy for assistance.
Sam was happy to help. She asked her coworker to get a wet cloth and juice while she stayed with the patient, talking with her and making sure she was doing okay as she was regaining consciousness. Sam placed the wet towel around the patient’s neck while continuing to talk with her and making her feel comfortable.
The patient became ill, and stated she had blurry vision in her left eye. Sam asked a coworker to call the patient’s doctor for further instruction. Sam stayed with the patient while she rested in the chair. The patient repeatedly apologized for becoming ill and Sam assured the patient everything was okay. As the patient felt better, Sam still had to obtain the blood sample from the patient. She did so and the patient was able to leave on her own. Sam was amazing.

Sarah Bush Lincoln awards a quarterly Bravo! President’s Award to an employee who has gone above and beyond for patients, co-workers or the organization. One of the four quarterly award winners is chosen to receive the annual Bravo! President’s Award, the highest designation at SBL, during the annual Bravo! Dedication Banquet.         



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