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Medical Exercise Program

Regular exercise is fundamental in chronic illness management, weight loss, and overall health maintenance. It boosts immune systems, relieves stress, helps regulate blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, increases lung capacity and metabolism and a whole host of other benefits.

Through the 3 month Medical Exercise Program, participants receive a custom-designed exercise program to help them achieve their goals and manage chronic illness. The exercise program is tailored to meet individual limitations and goals, with options to make meaningful, positive changes. The overreaching goal is to instill lifelong healthy behaviors that foster independence and encourage participants to transition to a long-term community- based program.

Getting Started

All participants are required to obtain clearance from their medical provider before beginning any program at the Center for Healthy Living. CFHL staff can assist you in obtaining necessary information.

Call us today to schedule a free orientation with an exercise specialist and tour our facility.

Program Goals

• Enhance quality of life
• Manage chronic conditions
• Prevent avoidable hospitalizations
• Delay onset or reoccurrence of symptoms
• Support and help achieve individual goals
• Behavior modification
• Achieve a consistent fitness program
• Transition to a long-term communitybased exercise program, including a YMCA
   membership at the Center for Healthy Living.

The Program Includes

• Health-related fitness testing (pre- and post-program).
• Medical monitoring and vital sign checks.
• Individualized and supervised exercise sessions with a certified exercise specialist which include exercise programming and education.
• Use of the Healthy Living Fitness Center during operating hours.
• Access to group fitness classes.

Program Features

• A free informational orientation session, which includes a guided tour of the facility, information about the medical exercise program and class offerings, and a pre-participation health screen.
• Health-related fitness testing
• Medical monitoring and vital sign checks.
• Individualized and supervised exercise programs. Plus, appointments with an Exercise
   Specialist for exercise and education
• Pre and post program assessments

Who Can Benefit

Our customized Medical Exercise Services are designed to benefit people with conditions such as:
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Cancer
  • Osteoporosis
  • Postpartum
  • Arthritis
  • People working on:
    - Post-rehabilitation from injury or surgery
    - Weight reduction


$100 join fee & $55/month

What’s Next?

When you complete the 3 month program, our goal is to keep you moving. You may continue to use the Fitness Center through a reciprocal arrangement with the Mattoon Area Family YMCA. You can join the YMCA and select to use this facility. Scholarships and senior discounts are available. If you wish to continue to use a personal trainer, you may purchase sessions.

Membership includes full use of the facility during hours of operation, seven days a week. For more information, please ask a Center for Healthy Living staff member, or call the Center for Healthy Living at 217-238-3488.