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Center for Healthy Living Testimonials

Randy Blackburn

Randy Blackburn

After hernia surgery in December 2022, Randy Blackburn rehabilitated through physical therapy at SBL. While he did so, Randy heard about the Wellness and Weight Loss Program at the SBL Center for Healthy Living.

Due to prior back, shoulder and knee injuries, Randy, who had Type 2 Diabetes, decided the program would be a good way to not only build back his strength, but also lose weight. Since he completed the program in April, his quality of life is better than ever.

A couple years ago, Randy injured his left knee, and when he started the Wellness and Weight Loss Program in January, he used a cane to move around easier. “The way I judged myself was through my ability to go up a ladder because it was difficult for me before I started the program,” Randy said. Just a month after working out with his exercise specialist, he was able to stop using a cane, and with his strength improving, he could walk up stairs or climb a ladder much easier than before.

Since starting the program, Randy’s lost 40 pounds, and his health screenings have continued to improve. Randy also received nutrition advice from Michelle Schultz, registered dietitian. Randy said his eating habits have improved; for example, he often turns to fruit for a snack, and he stops eating a meal once he feels full.

Overall, Randy has seen every aspect of his life improve because of the exercise he did and the nutritional values he learned in the program. “My wife and I are simply amazed at how far I’ve come, and I feel so much better,” he said.

Anne Lewis

Anne Lewis

Anne Lewis never imagined that she’d be able to exercise in the capacity that she does now, but with help from staff at the SBL Center for Healthy Living, she has improved her health and continues to impress herself.

In June 2022, she began the Medical Exercise Program and received guidance and training from Seth Bland, exercise specialist. With his help, she’s found the confidence to go to the gym and the knowledge to make herself stronger.

In January of 2022, as the height of the COVID-19 pandemic passed, Anne found herself at a crossroads with her physical health. “I’ve always been overweight, and I never tried to exercise to combat that,” she said. When she started the program, she was nervous and felt uncomfortable walking into the Center for Healthy Living gym. Seth helped her become comfortable and confident to work out, by encouraging her constantly and helping her adjust to the exercises.

After completing the program and working out on her own, Anne said that one year later she’s able to do exercises that she wasn’t able to last year when she started. While building strength, she’s also lost weight and become a regular gym visitor. Her confidence and drive are at an all-time high, she said.

"I find myself wanting to go to the gym and looking forward to my workouts"

Once she completed the program, Anne continued to work out with Seth in one-on-one sessions a couple days each week. She also does individual workouts on her own. Anne said she noticed that since she began exercising, she feels better, and she uses her exercise as stress relief if she had a bad day.

As she worked to improve her own health, she also encouraged her husband, Arbie, to start working out, and he enjoys it too. While she does her one-on-one sessions with Seth, her husband also does his own routine. “I quickly realized that it’s much more beneficial if we exercise together,” she explained. “I love that we are taking this health journey together.”

Jasmine Smith

Jasmine Smith.jpg

Jasmine Smith never frequented the gym growing up, but after completing the Medical Exercise Program at the SBL Center for Healthy Living, she’s all about the gym life.

Jasmine started the program wanting to lose weight and get stronger. Previously, she tried working out, but she wasn’t able to stay on a consistent schedule.

She began exercising at home during the pandemic, in an effort to lose weight. Once restrictions eased, she attended a community gym, but she didn’t work out consistently.

“I needed structure, I would work out, but I wasn’t sure that I was doing the exercises correctly. I didn’t know if I was doing what I needed to do to be on the right track.”


That’s when she heard about the Medical Exercise Program at SBL, and once she started it, she started seeing results. She began training sessions in October 2022. Working with Seth Bland, an exercise specialist at the Center for Healthy Living, she followed an exercise routine designed specifically to help her. “He is heaven sent,” she said. “He is very educated, and he explains everything thoroughly. He gave me the foundation I needed to exercise on my own.”

Jasmine also visited with Michelle Schultz, registered dietitian, for nutritional guidance. She said that Michelle is very helpful and is a phenomenal communicator. “She sets you up with the tools you need to continue to better yourself and your eating habits every day,” she said.

After completing the exercise program, Jasmine began working out, consistently, on her own. Since she started her journey, she’s lost 120 pounds. She lost about six inches from her hips, 13 inches from her waist and has continued to build muscle. Her lifestyle has changed completely, and now, she looks forward to the end of the work day because she knows she’s headed straight to the gym. Seth and Michelle provided me with a structured future for success.