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What is Grant-A-Wish?

SBL Hospice provides end-of-life care and support for people who are dying and their families. It is dedicated to making every day the best it can be for them.

People in Hospice care often have special wishes. They wish to speak with long-lost family members, revisit a favorite place or experience a simple dream. With our Grant-A-Wish program, we help meet end-of-life requests.

Grant-A-Wish is supported by Binga and the annual Holiday Festival at Sarah Bush Lincoln, and by generous donors, usually families of past SBL Hospice patients. Following are other examples of how SBL Hospice Grant-A-Wish helped to make wishes come true.

Please speak with your SBL Hospice representative, or call 1-800-454-4055 for more information about making a Wish request.

One Last Ride

Bobby had a last request – to ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle one more time. SBL Hospice worked with a group of local riders from Liberty ABATE.

Before the ride, Bobby received a bag full of Harley Davidson items. He fit right in wearing his t-shirt, hat and gloves.

On a sunny day in July, a steady stream of motorcycles made one man’s wish come true. Following the ride, Bobby was touched to know so many people took part in making the ride happen. He summed up the sentiment saying, “I wouldn’t trade that motorcycle ride for anything else in the world.”

A Playground for Luke

In 1997, Jill was diagnosed with kidney cancer. The diseased kidney was removed but the cancer returned two years later. After her son Luke was born, she underwent a second surgery but her health continued to decline.

Knowing her options, Jill chose to live her remaining days at home, surrounded by her family and SBL Hospice of Sarah Bush Lincoln.

SBL social workers talked to Jill about the Grant-A-Wish Program. Jill’s only regret was not being able to see her son grow up – to watch him outside running and jumping.

Through Grant-A-Wish, SBL Hospice provided the materials so that her husband, Brad, and her father could build a backyard playground for Luke. Jill watched its progress and Luke’s joy at exploring it and playing on it.

What other wishes have been granted?

  • special transportation and accommodations to allow a grandmother to see her youngest granddaughter graduate from high school
  • jewelry, such as charms, bracelets, rings, key chains and watches
  • travel expenses for loved ones to see people before they die, which enables closure, completion of unresolved issues and expressions of love
  • assistance planning a reunion or family meal, giving people a purpose during this time of transition and allowing for family closure
  • emergency call systems like Lifeline, which enables people to remain safely alone at home for a longer period of time, providing dignity and independence
  • electronics such as televisions, VCRs and DVDs allow those who are home-bound the ability to enjoy their favorite entertainment