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grateful patient program

We are often asked by our patients:

"How can I say 'Thank You' to those people who made a difference while I was in the hospital?"

The Grateful Patient Program provides you and your family with an opportunity to show gratitude to the doctor, nurse or other caregiver who played a special role in your care. We invite you to recognize that individual by completing a card explaining what he or she did and making a tax-deductible monetary contribution in his or her name. When a gift is made, the person whom you are recognizing will receive a letter and your personalized note as well as other recognition.

Recognized caregivers:
ACU Nurses
Dayse Brenes
Cancer Center Staff
Amanda Clapp
Kim Colbert
Karyn Cole
Paula Enstrom
Ciara Hayes
Dr. Ned Hoppin
Kristy Hutton
Dr. Kiran Joag
Tracy McCord
Dr. Gary Mikel
Dorothy Newlin
Sherry Prather
Regional Cancer Center Physicians & Staff
Lori Richardson
Karen Rose
Dr. Julian Vassay & Staff
Dr. David Winograd
Michele Kinder-Woodard
Doug Worman

To obtain a Grateful Patient Program Brochure,
simply contact Amy Card in the Foundation at 217 258-2511,
or download a brochure .