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Sharing the joy of giving…

WomenConnected is a philanthropic women’s giving circle within the Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Foundation where women have the opportunity to combine their charitable contributions and as a group, manage and grant funds to Sarah Bush Lincoln programs and services.

There are two levels of membership. Women donate annual gifts of $500 or $1,000. Membership contributions are pooled together with 75 percent used to provide grants, the other 25 percent into a temporarily restricted endowment that can be used if a specific need arises at Sarah Bush Lincoln. Some SBL programs and services funded include cardiovascular screenings, nursing education, nutrition counseling for overweight children and diabetes programs. Since its inception in 2003, WomenConnected has granted more than $800,000 to SBL.

The group most recently awarded grants to programs including Peace Meal, SBL Dental Services, Healthy Communities, Center for Healthy Living, The Heart Center, Healthy Communities, Regional Cancer Center, Diagnostic Imaging and SBL Psychiatry & Counseling. The awards will be available in fiscal year ‘22.

The awards include:

  • Peace Meal - $3,029 to help fund more than 500 home-delivered meals to individuals who cannot afford the suggested donation. The program operates at a deficit of $500,000.
  • SBL Dental Services - $30,000 to help provide restorative dental care to 245 children; and $4,311 for oral hygiene kits for 4,000 children.
  • Healthy Communities - $4,000 for cyber bullying online course aimed at 2,800 students in the fall 2021; and $1,000 for zones of regulation equipment to help up to 400 children deal with emotions and understand how their actions impact others.
  • Center for Healthy Living - $3,000 to provide 15 scholarships to assist with the costs related to medical exercise and weight loss program as prescribed by providers.
  • Regional Cancer Center - $2,025 for infusion pump PoppyPockets for 100 carrying cases for people in cancer treatment to carry their infusion pump outside their clothing.**
  • The Heart Center - $1,700 to provide a scale to 150 people newly diagnosed with congestive heart failure weigh themselves daily.**
  • SBL Psychiatry & Counseling - $500 to help up to 15 people stabilize severe mental health concerns, when they cannot afford their medications.
  • Diagnostic Imaging - $2,500 to create educational videos for children to help diminish fears about having an MRI; and $500 to provide educational materials for a free course, Powerful Tools for Caregivers, to help them cope with caring for chronically ill loved ones.**

WomenConnected members also agreed to give $10,000 from its endowment to help support the construction of the SBL Bonutti Clinic in Effingham.

WomenConnected meets six times per year with three of those being a members-only “Lunch with the CEO” with SBL President & CEO Jerry Esker.

If you would like to learn more about WomenConnected or to join, please contact Amy Card in the SBL Health Foundation at 217/ 258-2511.


Carol Adams
Dr. Fatima Alao
Cathy Babbs
Ann Bacon
Vickie Baker
Ann Beck
Jesse Bergfeld
*Sally Bock
Laura Bollan
Amy Borntrager
Catherine Bovard
Mary Bovard
*Judy Brown
Jen Bullock
Kim Burgess, APRN
Amanda Burton
Amy Card
Beth Catt
Sierra Coartney
Sabra Culp
Jeanne Cunningham
Jeanne Dau
Elena Davis
Kathy Davis
Jody Deters
Dixie Dickens
Kay Diepholz
*Sheila Dively
Samantha Eggleston
Lana Esker
Sharon Fox
Dr. Marisa Friscia
Carol Jo Fritts
Laura Glenn
Kelly Green

Nicole Guthridge
Barb Hall
Wendy Hastings
Susie Hay
Dr. Katie Hecksel
*Patty Hedges
Heather Heicher, APRN
Mary Kay Hencken
Jodi Hildebrandt
Leslie Hill
Sasha Hollman
*Barbara Hoppin
Maggie Huffman
Kristen Hutchinson
Carla Jackson
Linda Keeler
Peggy Kepp
Michele Kinder, APRN
Dr. Gloria Leitschuh
Karen Lindley
Kim Lockart
*Joyce Madigan
Nancy Marlow
Michelle Mathews, APRN
Tracey McCord
Dr. Annmarie McDonagh
*Tess Melvin
Becky Metzger
Sandy Miller
*Melanie Mills
Jodi Morrisey, APRN
Carol Myerscough
Doreen Nelms
Nancy Nguyen
Cheryl Noll

Diana Oakley, APRN
Jenny Osborn
Marcia Parker
Kirsten Pentzien
Dr. Erica Perrino
Linda Perry
Patty Peterson
Bernie Pluard
Barbara Quinlan
Allyson Richards
Jane Rincker
Debbie Saddoris
Debbie Sandercock
Brianne Schilling
Nancy Schilling
Denise Smith
Karen Smith
Ruth Smith
Debbie Sparks
Erica Stollard
Jenny Swearingen
Margie Swensen
Colleen Swick
Nancy Swits
Leslie Taggart, APRN
*Edie Terwilliger
Kim Uphoff
Linda Wente
Janet White
Mary Lou Wild
Nancy Wurtsbaugh
Brooke Zerrusen
Jone Zieren

**This item is made possible by a grant from WomenConnected, the women's giving circle within the SBL Health Foundation.