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Southern Illinois Hand Center has been providing patients with quality and compassionate hand surgery services for more than 25 years. We have five extended campus locations for your convenience.

The History of Hand Surgery

The highly-specialized and sophisticated field of hand surgery started during World War II when it became apparent that it was more beneficial to have highly trained surgeons who would treat all components of the hand and the wrist. Rather than having an Orthopedic Surgeon to treat fractures, plastic surgeons to treat some tissue problems and vascular surgeons to treat blood vessels, the highly trained hand surgeons are capable of treating all the different diseases and injuries of the hands and the wrists.

In 1945, the America Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) was established by a group of army surgeons who were dedicated to the care and treatment of the hands. Now, ASSH has approximately 2,500 members who are qualified and dedicated to the care and treatment of all hand and wrist problems.

Serving All Your Hand and Wrist Needs

Dr. Naam, Dr. Stewart and Dr. Sasso are board-certified, fellowship-trained hand surgeons with special training in orthopedic, plastic, neurological, microvascular, and reconstructive surgery techniques regarding the soft tissues and bony structures of your hand and wrist.

Specializing in the Complex Structures of the Hand and Wrist

The hand and wrist are sophisticated structures and even minor problems can have serious consequences for your quality of life if they are not treated properly. The best results come from having your hand issues seen by a hand surgeon as soon as possible in order to prevent complications. The on-site X-ray and rehabilitation services are available to better serve your hand and wrist needs.

"Southern Illinois Hand Center is GREAT to work with for our injuries that happen on the job. We have needed their emergency services twice and were told to send our employees right over. Both were very well taken care of immediately! Thanks so much for allowing us to trust you with the very best care for our employees!"   ~ Kim Worker Casey


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